If we were to jump in a time machine to check out great products from the sixties, there is much to be said for people making money off of merchandise from the sixties.

You may be thinking of fashion designers like Paco Rabbane or Emilio Pucci, but I'm thinking more along the lines of something rather simple, the school lunch box. People are making a nice chunk of change off of these really neat lunch boxes of the past. it's fun to look back, and hey you might be able to make some cash.


In the sixties, there were tons of sitcoms and cartoons that featured memorable characters that everyone seemed to love. Even if you didn't grow up in the sixties, you were hopefully lucky enough to be able to see some of these shows in syndication.

Nowadays it seems the standard for sitcoms or other shows is typically to be about seven seasons long. Shows now also have fewer episodes due to the cost of filming. Back in the sixties, shows might have had a shorter run, but they had many more episodes. They also had merchandise that could be worth something today.


An example of a show that only had two seasons, but multiple episodes is the Munsters. To this day there are stations where you can catch reruns of the Munsters. The show started in 1964 and ended in 1966. There were 70 episodes. It was very similar for The Addams Family. The show began in 1964 and ended in 1966 with 64 episodes. Their lunch boxes can catch fetch a few hundred

Now you can find plenty of lunch boxes from the Addams Family cartoon from the seventies, but not so much from the television series on the different sites that offer items like these for sale.

Fun shows, and maybe some cash in those old lunch boxes.

Fun 60's Shows & Their Lunch Boxes, Did You Have One? They're Worth Money

When you were growing up did you have to take your lunch to school? Did you take it in a brown lunch bag? Some kids were lucky enough to have a character or show lunch box when they were kids. If you have one of these, it could be worth some money.

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