An iconic house is on the market in Cleveland.

The house where the Christmas movie, "A Christmas Story" was filmed is now for sale in the city of Cleveland.

The owner of the iconic house, Brian Jones, put the for sale sign up on the front lawn and now hopes to find the right person to own the house that so many of us are familiar with.

As for the asking price, it has not been made available.

It is being reported that neighboring properties associated with the house are also included in the sale.

Here's the owner of "Ralphie's house" putting the the sign up on th efront lawn and explaining why he is putting the iconic house up on the market.


Here's a quick look and clip from the movie "A Christmas Story," from the house that is reportledy for sale now.

Now, let me note here that "A Christmas Stroy 2" is set to debut this week and some are speculating that this "For Sale" may be a publicity stunt.

Here's the trailer.


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