If you have a down comforter and can't run it through a washing machine, a good way to freshen up that comforter is by letting it bask in the sun.

Direct sunlight might not be the best thing for your skin, but it can work wonders on a comforter (or any other bedding).

Some bacteria can lead to an unpleasant odor, and sunlight kills some bacteria (I will pause for a second here to allow you time to do the math on that).

Try to get at least 2 hours of direct sunlight on each side of the comforter, and be sure to allow for air flow under the comforter as it is basking in the rays.

Next week: hints on how to have most of the bedding in the morning, leaving your partner with little to none.

(For reelz, tho: put your pillows outside in the sun, too. A great way to freshen up the bedding!)

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