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Freshen Up Comforters In The Sun
Get at least 2 hours of direct sunlight on each side of the comforter, and be sure to allow for air flow under the comforter as it is basking in the rays.

3 Spring Cleaning Tips
I'm pretty sensitive to odors. I can always pick up on a scent like a bloodhound on a hunt, so I like to keep my house fresh, especially when it comes to the dogs. I have three little tiny dogs, so they mostly like to be inside and don't have much chance to pick up a lot of muck and dirt, but they d…
Magic House Cleaning Fairies, Do They Exist?
Clearly, some children believe fairies take wing at night and pick up all the bits and pieces that land on the floor or cabinet or table. In their minds, tidy Tinkerbelles surely flit and fly and deal with all the things they’re just too busy — or otherwise preoccupied to take care of.