Today marks the end of absolutely the busiest tropical season in the history of mankind. Our planet produced and endured 30 named tropical entities over the six month period between June 1st and today, November 30th. What would be the most 2020 way to wrap up a season of unprecedented tropical weather? If you suggested we have a "freeze watch" for temperatures below freezing then you'd be correct.

The National Weather Service in Lake Charles has issued a freeze watch for later tonight and early Tuesday. As you might imagine the watch has been posted ahead of some of the coldest temperatures of the year so far. Well, the coldest temperatures since last January and February for sure.

The watch area includes all of South Louisiana from basically U.S. Highway 28, think of a line from Leesville to Alexandria to the Mississippi line. The area along and south of that line can expect temperatures close to or below the freezing mark for several hours tomorrow.

Naturally, the coldest temperatures will be experienced the further north you go. Readings of 26 or 27 degrees will be likely in the Alexandria area tomorrow. Forecasters with KATC Television are suggesting the Lafayette area will see temperatures at 31 degrees in the morning.

The greatest danger from colder temperatures will come as a threat to outdoor plumbing. Temperatures in some parts of the state could become cold enough to cause pipes to fail. You should make plans to wrap or drain any exposed pipe or make plans to leave a small trickle of water dripping out of those pipes.

There could also be frost and freeze damage to plants, especially tropical plants. You're also encouraged to make sure that your outside animals have adequate shelter to shield them from the colder temperatures as well.

Although temperatures will remain quite chilly for the work week this will apparently be our only bout of dealing with temperatures at or below freezing for the next several days.

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