It's homecoming week at UL Lafayette and tomorrow a big parade will roll celebrating the past, present, and future of the University. Marie Centanni is the president-elect of the UL Lafayette Alumni Association and a former homecoming queen herself. She will be joined by 60+ former members of Ragin Cajun royalty for the parade that rolls on Saturday at 3 p.m.

UL Lafayette
UL Lafayette

The parade starts at Blackham Coliseum and will roll down Cajundome Boulevard toward Cajun Field. It will take a left into Cajun field and roll through tailgating. The annual parade features student groups, administration, and other dignitaries. You can see the route by CLICKING here.

The History of College Homecoming

College homecoming celebrations are traditional events in which alumni and current students come together to celebrate their institution. Typically held during the fall, these festivities include sports events, parades, and social gatherings. Alumni return to reconnect with their alma mater, sharing experiences and memories. Homecoming often involves crowning a homecoming king and queen and may feature alumni reunions and fundraising activities. The celebrations foster a sense of community and pride. It's no different in Lafayette with events showcasing the college's achievements and promoting a strong bond between past and present students. Homecoming serves as a cherished tradition for graduates of UL Lafayette, fostering a lifelong connection between individuals and their colleges.

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