According to an arrest report, another person has been arrested in connection with a case of alleged abuse of children at a daycare facility in Eunice.

The report shows that 27-year-old Kaitluyn Andrepont Doucet of Church Point has been arrested in connection with this case.

The woman has been arrested on six counts of cruelty to juveniles.

She was arrested by Eunice Police.


Last week, we reported on multiple videos that were being seen on social media involving children at a daycare facility in Eunice.

In one of the videos, there are people who are throwing slices of cheese at a baby while the baby cries. In another video, you can see a person throwing cheese at another baby's face and then laughing as the child cries.

In another video, a child has been taped down to a chair.

As these videos surfaced officials with the Eunice Police Department began investigating this case.

Now our news partners at KATC say that a former worker at the Pumpkin Patch Daycare of Eunice was arrested.

Police arrested 23-year-old Alyssa Eve Dupre of Oakdale Sunday. The woman was booked with six counts of cruelty to juveniles.

According to Eunice Chief Kyle Lebouef, this investigation is ongoing. He adds that more arrests are expected in this case.

The videos were uploaded on Friday, July 28 by Travis Matte. Police immediately began an investigation after getting the videos.

Speculation about who and why the videos were posted continues to be discussed via social media according to the original story posted by our coworker. A quote from his story,

Commenters on social media expressed their thoughts on the incident, with some alleging that the videos were posted in retaliation by a former employee who was fired for stealing money from the daycare. Others voiced their disbelief that such mistreatment could have been ongoing for some time.

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