Louisiana does not lack great destinations for field trips that children and even parents love. It's got to be exhausting to go on field trips with kids if the place you are visiting isn't very exciting. We do not have that problem in Louisiana!

One of the best days of the week for any school kid from Pre-K through high school is any day when you get to go on a field trip. A day out of class that usually involves different food and certainly more fun than school!

We are going to share some destinations of places that people get to visit, but it's pretty likely that we didn't think of some destinations. Be sure to drop us a comment in the "comments" section, and we will make sure we add it to the list. If you get a chance to chaperone any of these places or just take a trip on your own, you should do it. These places are great!

Here are some places that get great reviews from the parents and young people we know. These are in no particular order.

Tabasco Plant at Avery Island
Photo courtesy of Drew Angerer

#10  Avery Island

The beauty of Avery Island is unparalleled and you get to see the place where they actually make Tabasco Sauce. You can take a tour of the Tabasco factory and tour their museum.

There is also Bird City on Avery Island along with a tour of the marshes which you don't want to miss.

When visiting kids and parents get to enjoy Jungle Gardens on the property. In recent years, they have also opened a restaurant at the home of Tabasco.

Kids and parents love this place. It's relaxing for parents and the extra bonus is that kids will be so exhausted after a day on Avery Island, that parents get a little time to themselves when they get home!

Nathaniel Klumb via Google Street View

#9  USS Kidd

The USS Kidd is moored on the Mississippi River in Baton Rouge, and tons of high school students have gone to the ship and museum.

Some fun facts about the ship; the destroyer earned 12 battle star, 8 in World War Ii and 4 in Korea.

Parents find this an enjoyable excursion as well. They are open daily from 9:30 a.m. through 3:30 p.m., but there is something you should be aware of.

The USS Kidd will be getting a facelift! The vessel will be going to dry-dock in Houma. That means they will be giving the vessel an overhaul. Exactly when that is happening is still not known, so make sure you call before you book that field trip.

Atchafalaya Basin in Henderson
Photo courtesy of Debbie Hester

#8  Swamp Tours

If you were one of the lucky people, your class got to go on a swamp tour as part of one of your science courses whether you were in elementary, middle, or high school.

Many of us were probably lucky enough to get a tour of the Atchafalaya Basin with the people from McGee's Swamp Tours.

No matter what the child's age, there is something for them to learn, and there is plenty to see. This is a field trip that parents can enjoy as well. There are not many things that are better than sitting in a boat, taking a tour, hair blowing in the wind, and getting to see the explosion of nature that exists in the Basin.

Louisiana State Capitol
WAFB Kevin Frey Twitter Photo

#7  Louisiana State Capitol

Most kids in Louisiana are fortunate enough to get a chance to visit the Louisiana State Capitol. Parents know that this is a great field trip. No one will be bored.

The learning isn't just for the school kids as most people, outside of those who work there, would never step foot in the state capitol.

Whether you are interested in politics and how our government works or you just want to see a much better view of Louisiana from the top of the state capitol, it's a great place for parents and their children.

Acadiana Park Nature Station 2
Acadiana Nature Station.org

#6  Acadiana Nature Station

Educational tours and nature hikes along with wildlife information are just some of the different subjects that a field trip to the Acadiana Nature Station will cover.

Did you take a field trip to the Acadiana Nature Station? Plenty of parents who take their children on these field trips were once on the same type of field trip when they were younger.

Again, this is a relaxing trip for parents who are accompanying their kids on a field trip.

Evangeline Maid Bread
Facebook,Evangeline Maid Bread

#5  Evangeline Maid Bread

One of the best field trips you can still take is a trip to the Evangeline Maid Bread production facility. The company got started in Youngsville in 1919 and then moved to Lafayette in 1926.

They make the bread the same way it has been made since the beginning. With previous tours, you get a look at whole the bread is made, and when you leave, they let you take a small loaf of bread with you.

What parent wouldn't love to be the chaperone for this trip? And, you get a free loaf of bread to take home. One less thing you have to buy for your family.

Lafayette Science Museum and Planetarium

#4  Planetarium and Lafayette Science Museum

Awww, the joys of the Planetarium and the Lafayette Science Museum. It's a place filled with areas of exploration.

The second floor offers the Planetarium with a huge variety of shows for kids and adults. "The Sky Tonight" is one most have seen if their school was fortunate enough to take a field trip to the museum in Downtown Lafayette.

There are a variety of different offerings available through the Planetarium, and you can click here to find out more.

World War II Museum New Orleans
travelthruhistory via YouTube

#3  World War II Museum

The National World War II Museum in New Orleans offers anyone a tremendously immersive experience to gain knowledge about the war.

The goal of the museum is to explain the war and give details about America's involvement in a war that changed the entire landscape of the globe.

They have amazing exhibits, terrific food, and a 4-D theatre experience that will knock your socks off!

Camels at Zoosiana

#2  Zoosiana

Zoosiana in Broussard is a destination for field trips that children and parents love. You can see a huge variety of different animals featured throughout the zoo.

Many of the animal exhibits also have recordings that the new owners have installed so you simply click the button, and you can find out about the animals you are visiting.

The Safari Express, rock wall, and gem search round out a beautiful, fun, and peaceful experience right in the heart of Acadiana.

Prehistoric Park in Breaux Bridge
Prehistoric Park Photo

#1  Prehistoric Park

Let's take a walk back in time.........a really long time ago. That's the beauty that is on display in Breaux Bridge at the prehistoric park. Kids and parents love this place.

With a huge dinosaur trail, playground, and fossil pit, kids will have plenty to do when visiting this park.

Parents also rave about the park as they find it enjoyable to view the huge dinosaur figures.

All these fun places! Did we miss any? Make sure you email me, bernie.lee@townsquaremedia.com.

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