The threat of a hurricane or tropical storm is always in the minds of those of us who live along the coast. Just a little over a week ago a very minor by Saffir-Simpson standards tropical storm created all kinds of problems for the area.

Since it's been a little over a week it's time to start paying attention to yet another tropical system. This system is in the eastern Atlantic Ocean. As of this morning, it is just an area of showers and thunderstorms with no real organization. However, this tropical wave is located in an area of the ocean where tropical development is certainly possible.

The National Hurricane Center has given this system a 40% probability of strengthening into a tropical cyclone over the next five days. As far out into the ocean as it is there his still plenty of time to observe.

The system won't be posing a threat to any land mass anytime in the next five to seven days. Interests in and around the Gulf of Mexico shouldn't be that concerned other than to acknowledge that there is a potential system in the Tropical Atlantic.

There are currently no reliable tropical models that even imply a threat to the United States coastline. However, over time, there could be a reason for concern should this tropical wave become a named system. If it does earn a name it would be called Don.

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