Sometimes, I wish certain headlines were a joke. Especially this one.

A Florida woman has filed a lawsuit against Kraft Heinz because she says the directions on the Velveeta mac and cheese cups are misleading...meaning it takes longer than what is said on the label.


If I knew this was a thing, I could've been rich in college.

The woman claims it takes longer than 3 1/2 minutes on the cup to make the macaroni and cheese, which led her to file a $5 MILLION dollar lawsuit against the cheese makers.

So, what I'm gathering from my research is that the woman who spearheaded the lawsuit doesn't want the money for herself. It's a class action lawsuit against the company for consumer labels.

But...we all know that those instant mac and cheese cups aren't gourmet. They never will be.

The phrase "go touch some grass" is so relevant here for this story. Get a hobby, besides wasting time and money on the dumbest things.

5 minutes won't kill you as you wait for your mac and cheese.

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