A Florida woman is in search of two heroes who helped save her brother from a dangerous current out at Crab Island in Destin, FL recently. According to reports, the man was rescued by two other men after wading into deeper waters near the popular sandbar.

See a report on the story via WKRG below.

Keri Taylor went to Facebook in hopes of tracking down the two men who helped save her brother from danger. See the details below.

If you happen to know men who were on red boats near Crab Island on Friday, May 28th - you may know the heroes of this story. Taylor and her family would love to connect with the men to thank them for their actions.

For one, this story is a great reminder to be extra careful while out on the water. No matter if you are in the Gulf of Mexico or out at Crab Island, strong currents are prevalent everywhere. With summertime upon us, it is more important now than ever to be sure you do not swim alone and an even better idea is to keep a floatation device handy in case you get into a bad situation.

Secondly, this story proves how much good there is out in the world. Someone was in trouble and when others noticed, they sprung into action to lend a hand. In the above report, Taylor even said she believes that one of the men lost a crown in the process and that they would like to help pay for his dental bills to get it fixed.

So enjoy those beach vacations that you have planned, but be sure to keep safety as the top priority.

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See the full report from WKRG posted to Facebook below.

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