Sandra Martinez, a working mom living in Lantana, Florida, has been fined over $160,000 by the city for parking her car in her own driveway. The fines come because half of her car is on a small patch of grass in her yard.

Sandra Martinez shares her home with three others. Her son, daughter and sister live with her. Each works and owns a vehicle. For all four cars to fit in the front driveway, Sandra's car, when parked, two of her tires touch a small patch of grass in the front of the house. The city of Lantana takes issue with that.

With all four adults occupying the home and having different work schedules, it's necessary for each to have their own car.

The city won't allow them to park over the sidewalk and there's no way for them to park on the busy street in front of the home.

After receiving the first violation, the city of Lantana requires a person to pay the fine and then schedule a follow-up visit from the city. Martinez claims she did that but a city inspector never came. The fines kept coming.

The fine was $250 per day, more than Martinez makes per day at her job. The city also cited her for other small violations with included cracks in her driveway. The amount she now owes the city is approximately the current value of her house.

Martinez has filed a lawsuit in Florida state court for the astronomical amount of fines imposed upon her by the city of Lantana. She claims the city violated her constitutional rights.

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