Has your property flooded recently? How about the property of someone you know?

Lafayette Consolidated Government is asking property owners to complete a property mitigation survey as they look to identify Lafayette Parish property owners who have experienced flooding issues.

How Long is the Survey?

It is a quick one-page survey that is easy to fill out. It mainly asks for your name, property information, and contact information, as well as a few flooding questions. The survey also asks for your input on how LCG can help.

What Will the Survey Actually Do?

LCG is trying to gauge public interest so they can figure out whether grant opportunities might be available to qualified property owners to elevate or buy out properties with an established flood concern.

The Survey is Not...

It's not an application for funding and it does not guarantee property owners will be selected for any project or grant funds.

What Happens If You Qualify?

Should funding become available for qualified properties, LCG will contact property owners regarding the application process.

Now, all you have to do is complete this property mitigation survey.

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