With the heavy rains today came closed schools and flooded roads.

Some schools in Vermilion Parish closed because of the flooding conditions, including Delcambre Elementary, Delcambre High, and all other Vermilion Parish schools.

Flooded roadways are a concern, as these photos from Nicole Laviolette's FB page show:

(Norris Road in New Iberia)

(Harrington Road in Erath)

(Highway 167 S past Meaux Road)


(Near Forked Island/E Broussard School)

Submitted Photo/Cheryl Trahan
Submitted Photo/Cheryl Trahan

(N Lafitte @ Veterans Memorial in Abbeville)

Allow the final picture to be an example of what NOT to do during a flooded roadway situation. Driving through floodwaters in this manner could do several things:

  1. Put you in harm's way, requiring first responders to take their efforts away from a REAL emergency;
  2. You could ruin your engine when it tries to aspirate water;
  3. You could push a wave of water into a home or business or another vehicle, ruining THEIR property (jerk).
  4. If your slightly larger vehicle does make it through the water, it could encourage others (with slightly smaller vehicles) to do the same, and things might not turn out well for them.

Don't drive through floodwaters, m'kay?

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