Finding out your spouse is being unfaithful can be devastating. Trendy Mom reports, 60% of married men get involved with another woman at some point. It may not or may not be a lasting affair, maybe just a one night stand. Statistics also indicate,the higher his income, the more likely he'll cheat. Here are five warning signs your mate might be straying.

#1 His phone habits change
If he's recently begun moving out of earshot when he takes calls, seems nervous, and secretive, that's not a good sign.

#2 Sudden changes in attitude.
If he seems more stressed out than in the past, and is more easily irritated, he might be hiding something.

#3 He spends less time at home.
If he suddenly seems to be "busy" all the time, claiming to be putting more hours at work,running errands,etc., he's likely spending time with another woman.

#4 He becomes more meticulous about his appearance than in the past.
He's working to be attractive for a female, and it's not you.

#5 He becomes defensive for no apparent reason.
I he gets defensive when you ask where he's been that's a VERY bad sign. He may even pick fights.

If he accuses you of being unfaithful, that's the handwriting on the wall.

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