This had to have been an odd call.

The Fort Walton Beach Fire Department responded to a traumatic injury call this week in their downtown area after someone was dumped into a waste disposal truck.

According to the department's Facebook page, a driver of the truck heard someone screaming from inside the truck after he lifted a dumpster and disposed of its contents.

What the driver of the truck did not know was that there was someone inside of the dumpster when it was lifted and dumped.

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The driver of the truck was able to get the person out of the hopper and had him rest there until help arrived.

They don't know why the person was in the dumpster, but luckily the driver of this truck was alert and aware of his surroundings when he heard the person screaming for help.

I think we've all been in a frightening situation before, but could you imagine being dumped into a garbage disposal truck? I can't.

The patient was transported to the ER for non-life-threatening injuries.


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