If you are someone who owns or manages rental properties the coronavirus pandemic has been so much more than a healthcare crisis. It's been a financial crisis for those who rent out properties for a living. With so many renters having their jobs compromised many landlords have not been able to collect rent money. Plus there are government restrictions in place that basically tie the hands of any rental agent pursuing the legal collection of that rent money.

While there has been much made about assistance available to those who are renters you've probably not heard too much about government programs to help out those landlords and management companies that have had to go without their source of income for these past few pandemic months.

The American Rescue Plan Act does provide financial assistance for landlords who need it. In fact, the plan allows for renters and their landlords to work together on obtaining grants that would fund back rent and in some cases future rent too.

If you're interested in finding out more about the program and how it works, simply check out this website. You'll get information on how to apply and obtain your share of the over $300 million dollars in aid the American Rescue Plan Act provides.

If you'd like to speak to a real live person about the program you may dial 877-459-6555. That number is staffed Monday through Friday during normal business hours. The assistance is available for both landlords and renters and you would be foolish if you didn't take advantage of the assistance. The only effort on your part that is required is the effort it takes to apply.

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