Fans of the movie series X-Men might be descending on northeast Louisiana over the next few weeks. Specifically fans of that genre of film will want to be in the Ferriday area. Filming for the latest  Wolverine movie is now underway in that Louisiana town.

Mayor Gene Allen of Ferriday says his administration as well as most the citizens of that Concordia Parish community are thrilled to have Fox Louisiana Production crews in town. Much of the filming is taking place along Louisiana highway 425. While the bulk of the production facilities have been set up at a shopping center in Ferriday.

We’ve got a lot of traffic, a lot of new faces. It’s very interesting, and people are very excited about it.

That's what Mayor Allen told the Louisiana Radio Network. He said besides the excitement of Hollywood coming to town. The city is also getting a needed economic boost as well.

Our gas stations are doing more business. Our fast food companies are doing more business. It’s been a lot more business than we normally do. They have 250 people that’s on the scene each day.

In case you're wondering there have been Hugh Jackman sightings in Ferriday and in the surrounding communities.

According to movie insiders the area around Ferriday was chosen because of its beautiful countryside and abundant cornfields. If you can't make the trip to Ferriday for a little star gazing this week you should keep your eyes and ears open for the next planned shoot which is expected to take place in Sicily Island during the next few days.

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