A wife-to-be got quite the surprise while attending a NBA game with her fiancé and it resulted in a ring being thrown. The viral clip shows one fiancée having her diamond ring checked by a team's mascot, only to realize that the ring was apparently fake.

This may be one of the messiest fan-games I've ever seen at a professional sporting event.

Twitter via @matteojones
Twitter via @matteojones

Say goodbye to the classic "kiss-cam", the Atlanta Hawks are trying to end relationships with this game that involves couples in the crowd.


The mascot for the Atlanta Hawks was going around the crowd with a diamond tester and chose violence when he went up to this couple that were fans of the opposing Portland Trailblazers. The woman in question did not have the most optimistic face on when her ring got checked by the mascot.

What happened next left everyone in the arena shocked.


The buzzer went off, alerting everyone in the building that the diamond ring was not legit. A look of utter disappointment fell upon the woman's face as she looked towards her fiancé in disgust.


Everyone seated around them laughed as the awkward moment unfolded. To his shock, the fiancée took off the ring and tossed it at the man.


She then stood up and walked out of the arena altogether as onlookers laughed at the embarrassing moment.

Fiancée Storms Out of NBA Game after Finding Out Her Ring was Fake

See the full clip from the game's broadcast via @matteojones on Twitter below.

To pile on even more embarrassment, the entire incident happened on the "Jumbo-Tron" for everyone in the arena to see.

This moment seems almost unbelievable and possibly staged. Starting off with the fact that the Atlanta Hawks mascot is out here trying to end marriages is shocking enough. But for the entire crowd to witness the woman walk out on her future husband, it really is diabolical.

Some on Twitter were keen to the idea that this moment was staged.

While this may in fact have been staged, most everyone on social media still got a laugh out of it. See more reactions to the moment via Twitter below.

Of course, some Saints fans had to take their shot at the Falcons while the opportunity was there.

Now, many are debating if the woman was in the right to walk out on her fiancé in the way that she did. Even if it is hypothetically speaking, the conversation is being had on Twitter.

Let's hope that this moment was staged, because I would hate to see a relationship get ruined by any Atlanta mascot.

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