Despite last year's delivery debacle, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway will get another shot at redemption as presenters at the 90th Academy Awards.

On Thursday evening (March 1), TMZ confirmed that Beatty and Dunaway would return to do the honors of announcing this year's Academy Award for Best Picture at the Oscars.

If you can remember, the duo made headlines last year after Dunaway infamously misread La La Land as the winning film of last year's best picture prize, which was meant to be presented to Moonlight.

Rumors suggested the pair's lack of preparation was due in part to some long-standing hostility between the two performers.

Nonetheless, the Academy appears to have pardoned the 80-year-old filmmaker and Chinatown actress' for their previous faux pas. In fact, both Beatty and Dunaway seemed to have also learned from their mistakes since then as reports claim the two arrived at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood on Thursday (March 1) to go over their lines a few more times to nail their big homecoming this weekend — and with a touch of added humor, we understand.

"Presenting is better the second time around," Dunaway supposedly recites while opening the announcement, to which Beatty follows up with, "The winner is Gone with the Wind."

TMZ states the lines are not officially set in stone, but we're keeping our fingers crossed for a better outcome for the presenters on their second go.

The 90th annual Academy Awards will be hosted by Jimmy Kimmel and air on Sunday, March 4 on ABC.

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