The Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame has announced its class of 2020. A lot of fans, myself included, aren’t pleased. Only one act from the top five in the fan vote made it in. That was the Doobie Brothers, at number three. They should have been in years ago.The Dave Matthews band and Pat Benatar were number one and two respectively in the fan vote. They didn’t get in.
The acts that will be inducted are Whitney Houston (#6), Depeche Mode (#7), Nine Inch Nails (#11), T.Rex (#12), and Notorious B.I.G. (#13). There were 16 total nominees. Soundgarden, and Judas Priest were among the fan favorites. They didn’t make it. Whitney Houston was a great singer. She sold a lot of records, but is that really rock?? Notorious B.I.G.??... Really? That’s rock ‘n’ roll??

What about Todd Rundgren? He wrote & recorded "We Gotta Get You a Woman" "Hello, It's Me" "I Saw the Light" "Love is the Answer" "Bang the Drum All Day." Todd produced records for Badfinger, Grand Funk (We're an American Band #1 album, 35 weeks on Billboard's chart), Meatloaf ("Bat Out of Hell" 14 million copies), The Psychedelic Furs, Hall & Oates, New York Dolls, The Tubes, and Cheap Trick among others.

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