A baseball fan at a minor league game in Corpus Christi, TX decided that he wasn't happy with the pitcher hitting his team's batter. Video shows the man running out of the stands and at the pitchers mound.

Baseball is known as the thinking mans game, but there are a lot of emotions involved as well. Fans will support their teams to the bitter end, but one fan of a minor league team in Texas took things a little too far after a batter was hit-by-pitch.

See the video posted to Twitter by @mlb_fights below.

As you can see, the first pitch of this at-bat between the Midland and Corpus Christi minor league teams got away from the pitcher and hit the batter. Things seemed to be under control until a fan got out onto the field and confronted the pitcher on the mound.

The rest of the defense quickly came to the defense of their pitcher, with one fielder even pushing the fan onto the ground. Umpires and coaches intervened and eventually, the fan was escorted off of the field straight to a Corpus Christi officer according to the game commentators.

In my opinion, this fan got off easy. If you go onto the field of play at any sporting event, you are liable to get absolutely clocked by any player on that field. You are in their domain, their place of work and you can assumed that a haymaker may be on the way especially if you are going at the pitcher.

I really thought the pitcher himself was going to throw either the baseball or a fist at this fan when he first got up to the mound, but cooler heads prevailed and the fan left the field without sustaining an injury. I doubt this fan will be welcomed back at this ball park in the future.

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