Whether it's the reboot of "Kitchen Nightmares" or "Hell's Kitchen", celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is known for his tough-talking ways on television when it comes to critiquing other people's food.

Now, Louisiana will get a chance to do some of its own critiquing as Ramsay's company has announced it will open a restaurant at the Horseshoe Hotel and Casino in Lake Charles according to KLFY.

This restaurant will be the first one that Ramsay will have in the state of Louisiana, and the food will be featured around steak.

Gordon Ramsey
Kitchen Nightmares via YouTube

What Will the Restaurant Focus On?

According to officials, the Ramsay venture will be about upscale steaks and Ramsay's Beef Wellington. There is no plan for the menu to venture into any Louisiana recipes or dishes.

The name of the restaurant will be Gordon Ramsay Steak. The concept will be an upscale steak house that will be able to see a little over 200 guests.

It will be located in a portion of the casino that overlooks the lake.

Reservations for seatings are being taken for November 15 on OpenTable.com even though officials have not set an official opening date. They will only say the venue is "Coming Soon".

Here is his YouTube video, "Guide to Steak":

Ramsay has been seen on multiple shows over the years. He has multiple projects on television according to imdb.com.

So whether you are watching "Hell's Kitchen" or "Next Level Chef", there are several television series that the chef is part of.

The Lake Charles restaurant will be Gordon Ramsay's first restaurant in the South.

What about that Famous Beef Wellington Recipe?

Below is Chef Ramsay sharing how he makes his superb beef wellington:

Ramsay even has a recipe and a video on YouTube about how he put together one using his Walmart ingredients:

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