The unranked Texas A&M Aggies pulled off an upset over the top-ranked Alabama Crimson Tide after a game winning field goal courtesy of Seth Small. Small's family had a front-row view of the epic moment and the video of their reaction has gone viral.


Imagine your son, brother, cousin, or anyone else in your family being the center of a high pressure moment such as this one. On the precipice of greatness, Seth Small lined up for a game winning kick while his family nervously watched from the stands.


You can see the woman to the left sitting and closing her eyes as Small stepped back and aligned his kick. While I am not certain, I think it's a safe guess to say this is the kicker's mother.

Twitter via @cameron_worthy
Twitter via @cameron_worthy

Every fan in College Station, TX held their breath as the kick went up...


... and it's good!


Fans began rushing the field as the kick went through the uprights to complete Texas A&M's upset over the great Alabama program.

Now, see the full video of the epic moment from @cameron_worthy on Twitter below.

Here is the moment with the kick included via @SportsCenter on Twitter below.

College football is truly a special game. The excitement, the turmoil, the triumph, it is all ever-present in college football especially. When family gets to watch their loved one live out their dream in a moment as big as this one, it definitely brings about emotions for everyone involved.

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