Remember when neighbors raised a fuss over Al Copeland's Christmas lights at his Metairie home? A New Jersey family has drawn similar ire. Tom Apruzzi and his family have been elaborately decorating their home for the past 15 years. Some of Apruzzi's neighbors don't like his display, or the attention it  gets from hundreds of sightseers. They claim it threatens the security of their community. CBS News reports, officials in Old Bridge, New Jersey have assessed a fine of $3,000 per night.

"They want me to pay for the police, they also want me to pay for shuttle service from a private parking lot and bus people in that they want me to pay for… and I'm not doing it."   - Tom Apruzzi

Apruzzi says he's spent $150,000 on his Christmas lights over the past decade. He adds any attempt to shut him down will be addressed by his attorney.

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