LAFAYETTE La. (999 KTDY) - We all know that we are roasting under these tremendous temperatures, and it's not going to let up until the middle part of next week. Even with the let-up, the temperatures will still be in the 90s next week.

The communal areas of Faith House of Acadiana and the offices have no air conditioning right now. Ouch! Fighting to escape domestic violence is hard enough. The staff says they are fine, but they are worried about their residents that have to be in communal areas as this is the area serviced by the air conditioner that quit.

I'm asking if you can help. I am going to help. Everyone I know is on a budget right now, but I can't even imagine dealing with my life falling apart and trying to live through these hell-ish temperatures. I know you can't maybe help, and that's okay, Prayer is always free. Please pray they get help. If you can help, please donate to the cause:

The campaign is listed here:

If you are wondering about the amazing work that Faith House does let me give you just a small picture of what these folks do each day. First, Faith House is a refuge for women and children who are being abused. At Faith House, the women are given sanctuary and love. They are offered counseling, and they are offered hope. It's the first step to rebuilding their lives.

Second, Faith House has continually expanded to help as many women in Acadiana as possible through a variety of different programs aiming at helping them once they have started to get back up with rental assistance, help with items for a new place to live, and school supplies for kids.

Third, Sanctuary. When you are being physically, emotionally, and sexually abused, you have a place to seek help where the person hurting you and your children can't get to you.

Please, let's help these folks, both the residents and staff, they need us!

How We Can Help Stop the Tragedy of Domestic Violence in Acadiana

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