When you turn on the news to another person going missing or hear another Amber Alert go off on your cell phone, it's natural that you heart starts to hurt. If you are like me, there are a million questions going through your head.

Where are they?

Did they run away?

Did someone take them?

Was their home life bad enough to cause them to run away?


What about the questions the family have? I won't try to imagine what they would be going through. But, I'm sure those questions are something like:

What did I not catch?

Who could have done this?

What do we do now?

One Facebook page is giving Louisiana families in this horrible situation a little help with that last question.

Missing People in Louisiana via Facebook
Missing People in Louisiana via Facebook

"Missing People in Louisiana" is a Facebook page available to anyone needing to report a missing loved. It is also fully public which allows all posts on the page to be viewed and commented on. This means that the word is out there on a social platform which is huge and the family can see any potential tips that could lead to finding their missing loved one.

This might sound to some like something so small, but it is just one small way for families of missing people in Louisiana to find peace knowing that there is a place for them to go for support.

If you are someone in need of a resource like this or would like to find a way to help, visit the "Missing People in Louisiana" Facebook page. You never know if something you know or have seen can help to bring a loved one home.

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