Family Adventure Day will happen this Saturday, March 19, and it will feature 40 different locations where families can go and have some fun.

Family Adventure Day is a fundraiser for Healing House. For $100 a family of four will each get a t-shirt, and they can visit as many of the businesses that they can fit in one day. For an extra $50 donation, your adventures can even start on Friday night at the participating businesses.

Family Adventure Day T-Shirt
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I plan to head out on Friday night to start my adventures! Then on Saturday, I will be joined by my sister and niece who plan to join me for some fun shenanigans!

I can't wait to put on my t-shirt and get started having some fun! Can we have 40 different adventures in one day? We sure are going to try! I couldn't believe all the cool things that were in the goody bag with the t-shirts. When you make your $100 donations, each of you gets a shirt, but your family gets a goody bag full of cool stuff.

In the goody bag, I found the following:

  • A cup from Neighbors pharmacy with a coupon for a discount in their gift shop
  • An awesome paper crown from Wonderland along with a coupon for a discount to summer camp.
  • A frisbee from Carson Animal Hospital (my dog Gracie loves frisbees)
  • Hand sanitize from Ochsner Lafayette General
  • A coloring book from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  • A pencil from the Little Gym
  • Sample products from Aveda
  • A chip clip from Rouse's
  • A coupon offer for Kids World
  • A $10 Gift Certificate to Big Boys Toys & Hobbies
  • A coupon from Habitat for Humanity's ReStore
  • A coupon from HeadKicks MMA
  • Seeds for flowers from Walters
  • Two coupons for free items from McDonald's
  • Sunglasses from Quest Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics
  • Samples from Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute
  • A coupon for a free Lil' Pete from Pete's
  • A nerf-like toy from Acadiana Security Plus
  • An awesome bag from Park Place Surgical Hospital to put it all in

You and your family will have a blast going to each of the places, as many as you can, to do the free activity. Another bonus? You can register to win various prizes as some of the locations.

At the end of the day not only will you have had a blast, you will also have helped a child in our community who needs some healing. Healing House is a resource for kids who have lost a parent or sibling to just go and be a kid. They get to meet other kids who are experiencing the same type of circumstances.


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