Roger Goodell held his State of the League Address on Wednesday in Atlanta and with nobody's surprise he was presented with many Saints related questions regarding the no call in the NFC Championship Game.

His answers ranged from by the book to robot like, which is apropos based on some of his comments regarding a potential rule change that you'll hear below.

Speaking of below, I've compiled all the questions and answers Goodell was asked and gave during his press conference on Wednesday.

Saints fans, have at it and see what you think for yourself.

Our first question is from Jeff Duncan of and he hits Goodell with a couple exceptional questions right off the bat:

Next, Bob Glauber of Newsday in New York asks Goodell about changing the use of replay:

Now, to the Nations Capitol as Mark Maske of the Washington Post asks Goodell if he ever considered enforcing a rule that would allow the game to be replayed from the time of the missed call:

Our next stop is at the NFL Network with Judy Bautista. Judy asks Roger Goodell if the NFL would benefit from adding another official to crews and would he be okay if the league didn't alter the rule heading into next season:

Finally, Gabe Gutierrez of NBC News fires off a question to Roger Goodell inquiring why he waited so long to address the situation and is the Super Bowl tainted because of it?


At one point Goodell was asked to divulge his conversations with Sean Payton and Gayle Benson and he said that he doesn't make his private conversations public... Sometimes he just doesn't say anything at all, that's according to Michael Thomas:

Goodell mentioned early in today's address that he had spoken to players from the Saints about the non-call. According to Thomas, that's a lie.

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