I thought I would be over it by today. Turns out, I keep finding more and more reasons to continue the five stages of grief after the Saints loss to the Rams in the NFC Championship game.

The extremely controversial non-call of pass interference, helmet to helmet, or defenseless player with less than two minutes left that would have given the Saints a first and goal, and a potential go-ahead score to win the game is still echoing in the state of Louisiana and around the NFL.

That being said, even when someone took to Madden, with essentially the same scenario happening (same score and all), turning the Pass Interference rule all the way down, the referees STILL called the penalty. It has to be blatant and obvious when that rule is turned all the way down for the refs to call it in Madden. And well...

In the video, they show how they turned the rule down. They then run the play, get the call. And then show the Madden play, and the real life play side by side from several different angles.

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