You love to see this.

One thing I've noticed towards the end of summer and at the beginning of fall has been the beautiful rainbows over Acadiana.

Sadly, with the lack of rainfall in Louisiana during the summer months we did not see many beautiful rainbows across the sky.

However, with showers returning to our area in recent weeks we have seen some gorgeous rainbows across the sky here, and we've even witnessed a few "double rainbows" over parts of Acadiana.

And I'll be honest with you, anytime I see a rainbow I think back to my childhood years. I can recall as a kid anytime I saw a rainbow it was special and I always wondered where the end was located.

After all, we were always told as kids that at end the of the rainbow there was a pot of gold awaiting, and for years we believed it. As we grew older, we learned that isn't true.


What is true about rainbows is that there is always an end to one, and I've yet to see one, until now.

Ronda Newman took a gorgeous photo of the end of a recent rainbow in central Louisiana and like so many on social media, I too appreciate this photo.

It was reportedly taken in Elmer, Louisiana and as you will see below, the end appears to be in a nearby field. But where's the gold?

Check this amazing photo out and if you know of anyone who loves rainbows as much as you do, feel free to share this blog with them.

Ronda Newman via Louisiana Nature
Ronda Newman via Louisiana Nature


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