The list of COVID-19 side effects continues to grow as medical professionals are learning more and more about the disease. You're probably very aware of some of the more publicized side effects of a positive COVID diagnosis. Namely, a loss of taste, a loss of smell, and issues with breathing have been well documented since the beginning of the pandemic.

Now comes word that the virus is hitting below the belt, literally below the belt as many men who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 are now complaining of issues with intimacy. Namely, erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction in most men is caused by issues with blood flow to the intimate areas of the body. Women experience similar issues with blood flow when they contract the disease but in the case of men, the evidence is a little more "in the open".

Dr. Matthew Mutter is a Urologist with LSU Health New Orleans. Dr. Mutter was quoted in an article published by the Louisiana Radio Network as he explained how the disease, and the systematic inflammatory response it generates in the body, interrupts the flow of blood to those portions of the anatomy.


That in and of itself of fighting the Coronavirus infection and having the systemic inflammatory response can cause decreased blood flow to the penis

While a diagnosis of Erectile Dysfunction or ED might be very disconcerting for many men, doctors believe COVID-induced ED is only temporary. However, the jury is still out on whether it is in fact a problem that will persist for only a limited time.

Healthcare professionals say many men who have pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, or other issues with the heart are already susceptible to issues with ED. Doctors suggest that a coronavirus diagnosis will only exacerbate those problems.

Doctors are also studying the mental and emotional side effects of a positive COVID-19 diagnosis and they believe that emotional or mental issues arising from a positive diagnosis can also play a part in a man's intimate ability as well.

The solution is quite simple for those who feel as though COVID has let them down in the bedroom. See your doctor. First, your doctor can determine the exact cause of your intimate issue and can even prescribe medication to help you return to your normal stature. Second, your doctor will also make sure that your other body parts, namely the heart and lungs, are in good enough shape for the desired activity too.

Travis Grossen via
Travis Grossen via

By the way, it is especially imperative that if you are a younger man and are suffering from this kind of interruption in your normal lifestyle. Erectile Dysfunction is often an indicator of other issues such as heart disease or pulmonary problems that should be corrected, controlled, and monitored as part of your normal lifestyle.

Guys, don't be shy. Don't be ashamed. If you have experienced these symptoms talk to your doctor. This could a much bigger issue than a simple failure to launch.

Since we are kind of on that subject.

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