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Circus-goers Receive Covid Vaccines Before Big Top Performance
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In Local News:

Monday’s coronavirus update from the Louisiana Department of Health found the state reporting an additional 16,541 new cases of the disease. The death toll in Louisiana jumped by 50 as well. To help you grasp the scope of that number,16,541 is about equal to the population of Opelousas.

Britney Spears Announces New Las Vegas Residency At Park Theater
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In Britney News:

Britney Spears will have to wait until late September for her next court date. On Monday a Los Angeles Superior Court judge denied Britney’s request to expedite the conservatorship’s next court hearing. Britney also took to social media telling fans that they only know half of what is happening in the pop star's life right now.

Jason Merritt, Getty Images
Jason Merritt, Getty Images


In Celebrity News:

I don’t know about you but when I am stressed I eat… A lot of chips! However, Jennifer Aniston revealed that when she is feeling stressed she grabs the chip bag as well, but she only eats one chip. Just one! Aniston said that she is pretty good with limiting herself to just one chip or one M&M at a time… and yes she does know it’s annoying!

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