At the end of the current LSU football season, Ed Orgeron will step down as head coach. Coach O inherited the team a few years back from Les Miles and many felt the Orgeron would simply be another interim while the top of the Tiger house searched for another candidate to replace Miles.

Ed Orgeron
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As luck would have it, okay, maybe there was some good coaching and motivation in there too, Orgeron had a pretty good rest of the year playing out the string for Les Miles. In fact, it was so good he was offered the job as head coach at LSU. For the Louisiana native, it truly was a dream job.

The dream took on new heights in 2019 when the LSU Tigers ran the table and went undefeated. They took home the National Championship and Orgeron was rewarded with a huge contract extension.

LSU v Alabama
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Then, Joe Burrow graduated.

In the seasons beyond Burrow, LSU hasn't been bad, they just haven't been as good as the faithful would like them to be. Sure the team lost some top-notch players but many have placed the sudden mediocrity of LSU firmly in the lap of Coach Orgeron.

Some have suggested that Coach O isn't focused on football. He's more concerned with chasing skirts or other activities that aren't confined to the football field but can be easily exploited on social media.

I kind of thought Coach O was getting a bit of a raw deal until I saw this footage from yesterday's LSU Football press conference. In the clip, Coach O is asked about his team's defense. At first, he misunderstands the question. He thought the reporter was asking about the Tigers next opponent the University of Alabama.

However, when the reporter reemphasizes his query that's when Coach O says some things that I don't think I would have said about my team. Here, you watch and see for yourself.

So, basically, Coach O just suggested that he and his staff are not doing the job they are being paid a lot of money to do. Isn't it "their job" to make sure the defense is unpredictable? Shouldn't they be the ones coming up with the schemes to confuse Alabama? I guess if the coaches were planning on coming back next year they might have thought about that "whole predictable defense" thing a little harder.

Normally, I get very excited about the prospect of the LSU versus Alabama game. This year, I think I might go watch something a little less violent and predictable like a slasher movie or Mississippi State play Arkansas. Lord knows that bunch from Starkville has been about as predictable as a four-year-old on his fifth cup of coffee.

Nick Saban and Ed Orgeron
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By the way, LSU faces Alabama Saturday, November 6th. It will be a home game for the Crimson Tide and it just might be the final undoing of the Ed Orgeron era in Baton Rouge.  Or, could this be Coach O is simply lulling Alabama to sleep by appearing to be so totally inept that even South Carolina wouldn't hire him.

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