For Eat Lafayette 2019 we took a trip to Blu Basil Wine & Grill and had a great lunch with Jessica. She explained to us the idea behind Blu Basil: fresh, made-to-order traditional Vietnamese dishes in a contemporary atmosphere.

If you have never been to Blu Basil, you are in for a real treat: the atmosphere is great (a relaxing water wall right as you walk in!), the menu is broad, very descriptive, and even includes gluten-free and kid's sections and the food and staff are both amazing.

The thing I like most about Blu Basil is this: if you are feeling basic, there's something on the menu for you. If you are feeling adventurous, there's something on the menu for you. If you just want to hang at the bar for drinks and apps, they've got that covered, too!

We started our lunch with the Avocado Pot Stickers, which are steamed dumplings that are given a pan-fried finish and then topped with avocado, tomatoes, sriracha, and sesame seeds. From the pot stickers, we moved on to the Sriracha Kimchi Fries: French fries topped with Bulgogi beef (sauteed with onions and beef sauce), kimchi, sriracha, spicy mayo, and a sunny-side-up fried egg!

The Roasted Duck Noodle Soup featured the most tender and tasty duck I've ever eaten, and the Pineapple Fried Rice has the perfect level of savory and sweet, making it one of their most popular entree items.


If you are a fan of Vietnamese food, you'll love Blu Basil; if you are unfamiliar with Blu Basil, it'll make you a fan of Vietnamese food!

On your next outing with friends or family, give Blu Basil a try and let's eat, Lafayette!

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