As a child, there were many great restaurants in Lafayette where I enjoyed eating many great meals.

But, there was one restaurant that always stood above the rest for me. Maybe it was my love of seafood. Maybe it was the Cajun culture that is celebrated there. All I know is, there was only one king - Lagneaux's King of Seafood in Lafayette.

Photo by Lance Leblanc/Eat Lafayette

That restaurant was like going to Food Heaven for me. A huge buffet that was full of my Cajun favorites! Whenever there was a special occasion to spend with family, Lagneaux's was the place we wanted to celebrate.

Recently, I headed back to Lagneaux's as part of the Eat Lafayette campaign. I've always enjoyed Eat Lafayette as, over the years, it has given me a chance to visit and try out some restaurants that I had never been to before. I love a good deal and Eat Lafayette and its participating restaurants have provided that for years.

Eat Lafayette has taken their campaign to a new level in 2021. Just by grabbing a bite to eat at any participating restaurants, not only will you get an amazing meal, but you could also win a trip to Nashville.

Photo by Lance Leblanc/Eat Lafayette

When I went to Lagneaux's, one of the first things I did was check-in using the digital passport. You do that by visiting the Eat Lafayette website, where you can not only check in to become eligible for the trip to Nashville but also where you can check out the great deals from participating restaurants.

If you have not visited Lagneaux's yet, do yourself a favor (as my friend and broadcast partner Ian Auzenne likes to say) and head on out there! Whether it's for lunch or dinner, the all-you-can-eat seafood buffet is so reasonably priced (Lunch - $12.95; Dinner - $24.50) and worth the visit. And, if it's been a while since you've visited the King of Seafood, head back and enjoy what Lagneaux's has to offer.

And, if you need a reminder of how good their seafood buffet is, LOOK BELOW!

Lagneaux's Incredible Seafood Buffet