With the recent announcement of a $500k donation from Conor McGregor to the Boys And Girls Club of Acadiana, many were left wondering if the move was somewhat of a slight to Dustin Poirier and his Good Fight Foundation. A recent interview shows how Poirier feels about McGregor's charitable donation to the Acadiana area.

See a quote pulled from Dustin Poirier's recent interview with Ariel Helwani of @espnmma below.

The quote pretty much sums up Poirier's feelings about McGregor's donation.

If you need some back story, before Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor's last battle at UFC 257 there was talks of a donation to the Good Fight Foundation. Of course, Poirier went on to win the fight against McGregor at UFC 257 by technical knockout.

It later came out from Poirier on Twitter that McGregor and his team were not following through on the donation that was discussed prior to their fight. That is when McGregor appeared to call off the trilogy fight completely due to the call-out by Poirier.

Weeks have passed and we know that the tie-breaker fight between Poirier and McGregor is still on for the UFC 264 event on July 10, 2021. We also know that a donation is on the way from McGregor, but it won't be going to Poirier's Good Fight Foundation. This made many wonder if there was some sort of "slap in the face" to Poirier, but that is not how the Lafayette Legend is taking it.

Poirier was recognized for his work with the Good Fight Foundation by being awarded the 'Fighting Spirit of the Year' award. He is an Acadiana man who is all about the youth and giving back to the community. He makes his thoughts on the donation, along with more on the fight against McGregor and much more, clear during a recent interview.

See the Twitter post from @arielhelwani as well as the interview with video from YouTube below.

As you can see in the interview, Poirier is happy that the youth in Acadiana will have the much-needed support to continue growing and learning here in South Louisiana. He is able to put aside whatever optics are involved and understand that the half-a-million from McGregor and his team will do incredible things here in the community.

"It's not my money, it's the people's money. So charity wins at the end of the day", Poirier said.

Salute to both Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor as they continue to use their platforms to continue contributing to the community.

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