Apparently there ain't no party like a Luke Bryan party, because a Luke Bryan party ends with parking lots full of trash and people in handcuffs.

Here we have the aftermath of Luke Bryan's concert at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, PA. As you can see, people just got a tiny bit incredibly drunk. And as a result of the partying and widespread inebriation in the parking lots, many bottles, cans, boxes, containers and remnants of other kinds of libations were left strewn all over the ground.

With the parking lots trashed and people drunk out of their gourds, you can bet that plenty of revelers were arrested. And then you have this man who apparently got so blasted that he insisted on making out with the ground. It's like he has no legs.

Bryan himself had a few words to say on Twitter, reminding his fans that they should be responsible and clean up after themselves so that he could return to play at the venue.

See more pictures of the mayhem below and remember to avoid trashing parking lots when you go to shoes! Do your share and keep the venues clean.

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