Although football fans were just treated to the great weekend of playoff football ever, as is always the case, debates raged on after the final whistle.

The Kansas City Chiefs thrilling 42-36 overtime win over the Buffalo Bills was electrifying.

Quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen were leading their offenses back and forth with elite playmaking, and viewers weren't ready for the game to end.

KC won the coin flip, received the ball, drove down the field, and Mahomes found Travis Kelce in the endzone for the game-winning touchdown.

This led to a debate as to whether the NFL should change the overtime rule.

As it stands, if the team with the first possession of overtime scores a touchdown, they win. If they score a field goal, or don't score at all, the opponent gets a possession.

The fact that Buffalo quarterback Josh Allen, who had the highest quarterback rating in NFL postseason history (149.0) for a player with at least 50 passing attempts didn't get an opportunity in OT, spawned the current OT discussion.

One former quarterback who was part of a game that fueled the league to change the old overtime format is Drew Brees.

The long-time Saints QB, now NBC broadcaster, believes the league should alter three current rules.

Brees and the Saints won the 2009 NFC Championship game over the Vikings in overtime to make their first and only Super Bowl, winning the Big Game two weeks later.

In the win, New Orleans won the toss, received, and won on a walk-off 40-yard field goal.

Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre, a national media darling at the time, didn't get an opportunity in overtime.

Before the 2010 season, the league dropped the "sudden death" overtime rule to the current format.

Will yesterday's Chiefs vs Bills game lead to another OT rule change?

Time will tell, but there's plenty of public support for it today. Will it wane over the next month or two?

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