I never really noticed dragonflies to be so visibly present before my son, Christian, died. I’d see one here and there, but never as much as I do now. I’ll never forget the first time I saw one after Christian died. It kept buzzing around me like it was trying to get my attention. It was persistent and didn’t fly away until I immediately thought about him and smiled. It was then that I realized that it was him. His spirit. Or it was a sign from him letting me know he was with me. A lot of times they swarm around me in large numbers. I’ve been lucky enough to have one land on me too. It really is the strangest feeling. You’ll often hear people share their stories about a loved one dying and how dragonflies give comfort in the midst of grief. The insect helps them find peace and comfort as they feel a connection to the beautiful spirit they lost.

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Staff Photo

Scientists would probably say that a dragonfly doesn’t represent the afterlife. Although looking at a dragonfly from a scientific standpoint, it actually does have some interesting factors. Think about this little fact. An adult dragonfly breaks free from its larval stage, in which it remains for a lengthy part of its lifetime. Could that be a symbol of freedom?

Dragonflies symbolize different things in many cultures. The Chinese consider the dragonfly a symbol of good luck, harmony, and prosperity.  In Native America, the dragonfly signifies purity and happiness and is viewed as the actual soul or spirit of a loved one who has come back to see them. They have also been said to be a symbol of spiritual awakening, rebirth, and immortality.

I know there are different signs out there for spirits of deceased loved ones. Some are butterflies, cardinals, feathers, ladybugs, just to name a few.  Whether it is actually a sign or not, embrace it. Let it give you comfort and peace as you know they are flying free. Free from all pain and suffering.


 Time is for dragonflies and angels. The former live too little and the latter live too long– James Thurber


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