The seemingly unending parade of tropical weather systems through the 2020 Hurricane Season appears to be ready to add a few more participants. Based on observations by the National Hurricane Center there are now two different areas of tropical weather concern in the Caribbean Sea that could become issues for the Gulf of Mexico.

Over the next five days, an area of disturbed weather in the west-central Caribbean is forecast to move westward toward the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. that system has been given a 70% probability of strengthening into at least a tropical depression by the beginning of next week.

As of now, the tropical forecast models are not really picking up too much on this system as far as track guidance is concerned. The system will encounter a frontal boundary near the southern Gulf of Mexico and that could either enhance the system or provide a steering mechanism for the storm system to follow.

The second system forecasters are monitoring at the National Hurricane Center is much further to the east. It is several hundred miles east of the Lesser Antilles but it is expected to move west-northwestward over the next five days to a location that is very close to where the current area of disturbed weather is located.

The Hurricane Center is giving this system a 20% probability of strengthening over the next five days. Despite the apparent low threat level now, this system will be over warm water and in an environment for strengthening as time goes on.

There is no immediate threat or concern for Louisiana's coastline at this time. In fact, the Florida Peninsula is most likely to feel the effects of one or both of these systems before all is said and done. Meanwhile, we will watch the forecasts for you and bring you information as conditions warrant.


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