This is the time of the year that the waters of the tropical Atlantic have had enough Summer sun to hold a lot of energy. Much of that energy is released into the atmosphere and returns to Earth as rain. Sometimes the heat energy of the ocean combined with the wind energy above the surface can spin up into devastating storms.

For late July and August the attention of hurricane forecasters moves to the far eastern Atlantic. This is called the Cape Verde season. That's because many storms begin their trek across the sea in the general vicinity of the Cape Verde Islands.

There are now two areas of disturbed weather the National Hurricane Center is monitoring for further development. The graphic forecast of where these systems might go could cause reason for those of us in the Gulf South to maintain a slightly higher level of vigilance especially toward the end of next week.

The tropical forecast models do suggest that at least one of these two systems could migrate across the Atlantic and affect the Caribbean or even the Gulf of Mexico. Time will certainly tell and the probability of this system actually making it all the way across the Atlantic is far from likely at this juncture.

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