On the episode titled "Cajun Country", Andrew Zimmern visited Don's Specialty Meats for a segment in the episode that will air tonight at 8pm!

Laurie Gautreaux from Don's says this about the episode:

Tonight at 8 p.m. central time Bizarre Foods Delicious Destinations w/Andrew Zimmern, Cajun Country episode, featuring Don's Specialty Meats boudin... They visited and filmed in March, season premiere is tonight and we are first episode, very excited.

Along with Don's Specialty Meats, Zimmern visited other places to delve further into Cajun cuisines.

Andrew Zimmern digs into Cajun Country's finger-licking staple dishes inspired by the area's French-speaking Acadian ancestors, including peppery boudin sausage, cayenne-spiked crawfish, iconic gumbo and crispy-fried frog legs.

Be sure to catch Don's, and more Cajun cuisines on the Travel Channel tonight at 8pm!

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