The Internet has brought us many really good things. It has also made it quite easy for bad guys around the world to sneak into our homes. Such is the case with a current social media offer that sounds too good to be true. That's because it is.

The scam involves an alleged offer for a $150 Dollar General coupon. A spokesperson for Dollar General says the company has no such offer extended to consumers at this time.

The $150 coupon circulating on Facebook is not valid and cannot be redeemed in stores or online.

Those are the words of Mary Kathryn Colbert Public Relations Manager for Dollar General. Colbert's comments were reported by

According to reports when a consumer clicks on the bogus Dollar General Store Coupon they are invited to take a survey. By taking part in the survey they are awarded a $150 Dollar General Store coupon. What really happens is gullible Internet users have willfully given over personal information to someone who may or may not be operating within the confines of the law.

Dollar General isn't the only business that has been affected by free coupon offers. There have been reports that Disney properties, Delta Airlines, and even Toyota have had their company names associated with bogus offers placed on social media by the bad guys.

Your rule of thumb for any offer should always be this. If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is, so think before you click and at least call the store or the company to see if they are aware of that such an offer is being made.

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