A new study out of China found that doing something nice for someone else can act as a pain reliever in your brain.

Researchers conducted a study with around 300 people and found that doing good deeds can actually act as a pain reliever. So, next time you have that pain in your back, or a headache, try doing something good for someone else and see what happens!

One of the studies asked people if they would like to donate to charity. Their brains were then scanned by an MRI machine, as they received an electric shock. Those that said they wanted to donate to charity had less activity in a part of the brain that is associated with pain. Which means it hurt less.

It even had an effect on chronic pain. Some patients that had cancer were asked to cook meals for other patients. Their pain levels dropped immediately.

While it isn't clear why it works, it could have to do with our evolution. We have evolved to look out for each other and make sacrifices for the greater good. This gives us a kind of "helper's high" when we do something nice for others.


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