Admit it -- when you hear the ultra-anthemic 'Let It Go,' you can't help but sing along. Apparently, humans aren't the only ones who love the 'Frozen' hit, as one dog was recently filmed howling to the track!

In fact, in the description of the video of the dog that is uploaded to YouTube, 'Let It Go' is described as his favorite song. Need proof? Just check out this clip!

In the video, the dog is fast asleep. That is, of course, until his owners begin to play 'Let It Go.' From the opening piano notes, his ears immediately start twitching -- and it only gets better from there!

The canine actually howls along with Idina Menzel, releasing an enthusiastic "Woof!" as the chorus builds. It's ridiculously cute and completely hilarious. We cannot stop laughing!

Whether you're obsessed with 'Frozen' or just want to watch a cute dog rock out, you need to see this. Check out the puppy singing along to 'Let It Go' in the video above.

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