There's a video, about a year old, that has surfaced again on social media and it's one of the funniest dog/cat videos on the internet today.

One of the things that make animal videos so popular is an animal's natural demeanor. Animals aren't trying to be YouTube sensations, they are just simply being themselves. But when their natural animal behavior mimics the real lives of humans, you have the recipe for a hit video on YouTube.

In this dog/cat video, a small dog with big ears is asleep while the cat stands watch nearby. In the middle of the dog's deep sleep, it lets out a very loud fart. The cat is startled but okay with it. Until it gets a whiff.  That is when the cat let the dog have it. The poor dog didn't know why he was getting beat up. You'll understand why it's become one of the most popular animal videos on YouTube.

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