Not everybody or every animal wants to be inside during the cold weather that has inundated the South recently. In fact, one dog owner in Texas can't get her Husky to go inside.

Single mom and dog lover Melissa Renick is being criticized for keeping Malakai outside in freezing temperatures with sub-zero wind chills. Her neighbors have threatened to call local agencies on her, citing animal cruelty.

Renick took to social media outlet TicTok to demonstrate how difficult it is to get her beautiful Husky inside. As Melissa tries to get Malakai inside and out of the freezing snow, the dog is clearly resistant.

But the most unusual thing happens as the playful Husky resists going inside. Malakai tells Melissa, "No". Not only does the dog say, "No", but Malakai also shakes his head back and forth indicated that he really means no.


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