We’re all worried about the effect the coronavirus is having on our beautiful state of Louisiana. And we are even more worried about the impact it will have on our future. We’re worried about our loved ones, physically and mentally. We’re worried about our businesses. We’re worried about our economy. The list goes on and on. Many people say, leave it in God’s hands. Do you believe in signs? I do.

Facebook, Heather Latour Abshire
Facebook, Heather Latour Abshire

When I saw this on a friend's Facebook page, I smiled. Heather posted a picture of her fence in the backyard. I immediately saw the outline of Louisiana and a cross on her fence. I saw it before I even read her post.  I asked Heather if the outline was created from humidity and she said no. She said it took them a while to figure it out, but they finally figured out it was shadows.

The lower part of the “boot” is the hood of my car, the top half is our oak tree. For the cross, it is some boots I had drying on my fence and an Italian cypress tree. Our neighbor’s floodlight was reflecting those shapes onto our fence...it literally took my breath away! -Heather Abshire

If you believe in signs, take this one. And as she says in her post hashtag, Keep The Faith.

I hope this sign gives people of LA some peace! We have to come together, pray and trust in God! We will get through this!!! - Heather Abshire

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