There's multiple ways to order a carbonated beverage and according to YouGov, asking for a "soda" is the most common way to order a soft drink with 56% of people using that term.

Here's a full breakdown of carbonated beverage names:

  • "Soda" - 56%
  • "Pop" - 13%
  • "Coke" - 11%
  • "Soft Drink" - 8%
  • "Soda Pop" - 5%
  • "Fizzy Drink" - 2%

Honestly, I'd like the meet the 2% of people who say "fizzy drink", because I have never heard that term in my life other than in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory when Charlie and Granpa Joe drink "fizzy lifting drinks" and fly around with all the bubbles.

But, hey, a lot of the reason why you say "pop" over "soda" all depends on where you grew up. Most people in the Northeast and West say "soda", while the Midwest is dominated by "pop" people. And for all of you "coke" folks, y'all are most likely from the South and can be blamed for any visitors confusion when they order a Coke and the waitress asks "what kind?".

So, what do you call a carbonated beverage?

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